Installing the Safex TWM v1.6 Wallet | Windows

For all Windows users, we made a detailed guide on downloading and installing the latest Safex TWM Wallet. Install your Safex Wallet and enjoy shopping on Safex Market.

Installing the Safex TWM v1.6 Wallet | Windows

The latest TWM release v1.6 Safex Wallet is now available for download from, or the TWM Inc Github Page.

Although made for the v1.5 release of the Safex TWM Wallet, users may find this video tutorial helpful.

Instructions for Windows Users

Depending on your Windows/Browser Security settings, when you download the installation file, you may, or may not, get presented with this warning:

If you do, then click the ^ and select the Keep option, the file will save successfully…

Because cryptocurrency wallets contain code similar to some types of malicious software, users may find their PC attempts to block the installation of the wallet software. To overcome this possible issue, it is recommended that users disable real-time scanning of any Antivirus (AV) software in use.

Once your AV software is disabled, double-click the downloaded file to install it.  

After installation, depending on your Antivirus product/s installed, you may get a false positive AV warning if you attempt to run the software, or during your regular AV scan of the PC.

Example of a false positive AV warning:

Prior to turning real-time AV scanning back on, or running the TWM Wallet software for the first time, you should also whitelist (Add an Exclusion) for the TWM installation folder, to avoid future AV issues.

You can now turn real-time AV scanning back on.

To launch the Safex TWM Wallet, double-click the shortcut on your desktop. On your first running of the software, you will be presented with the Terms and Conditions box.

If you agree to abide by the terms and conditions, then click the slider and then click the Confirm button, to proceed. The terms and condition page won't appear again, unless you reinstall the wallet software.

From now on, when you launch the wallet, it will open on the regular start page:

If you have used a previous version of the TWM Wallet software (or are simply installing it onto a different PC), then you can open your preexisting TWM Wallet files by clicking on the Open Existing Wallet button, and follow the guide, explained below.

If you don’t yet have a Safex Wallet Address, then click Create New Wallet, and follow the guide, explained below.

If you have previously had a Safex Blockchain Address (eg. from the old, obsolete Orbiter Wallet), but haven’t yet used the TWM Wallet, then you can restore from Keys or Seed by clicking the respective button. We have provided dedicated articles for Restoring a previously used wallet from Keys or Mnemonic Seed:

Open Existing Wallet

Navigate to your <walletname>.keys file location and click it to select the wallet, then click the Open button in the window to proceed.

Click the Continue button, and you will then be presented with a Daemon Host connection page.

The default Daemon Host ( is provided by Safex Foundation. However, you may wish to link to a node closer to your geographic location, as it will likely provide faster wallet sync times. We have a dedicated article on choosing the most appropriate Daemon Host when opening your wallet.

Simply replace the Daemon Host field information with the node address you’d like to connect to. Leave the Port information unchanged.

As the author runs a node on the laptop he uses to open the wallet, then he connects directly to it using the (localhost) port address.

Click Set Connection and proceed through, enter your wallet password, and you will be presented with the Home page of your wallet. Always give the wallet sufficient time to sync to the current top block before attempting to make any transactions.

The time needed to complete the sync will depend on several factors, including:

  • Number of blocks mined since you last used the wallet
  • PC speed
  • Internet speed
  • Daemon Host selected

Create New Wallet

If you are new to Safex, and don’t yet have a Safex Wallet Address, then the first thing you need to do is create a new wallet.

Click on the Create New Wallet button.

Select a folder location where you want your wallet files to reside, then name your wallet and click Save.

Click Continue to confirm the file name for your new wallet files.

As described in the Open Existing Wallet section above, you can change the Daemon Host, or leave it on the default. Do NOT change the Port.

Choose a long password for your new Safex wallet. The author recommends 21+ characters.

After you click the Create New Wallet button here, your wallet will open and the following popup, containing your Safex Address, Private Keys and Mnemonic Seed Phrase will immediately display.

Security Note: Users MUST NEVER share wallet Keys & Seeds information with ANYONE. This information is being shared in this article for tutorial purposes only. As you can see from the file path and wallet file name in the above screenshot, this demonstration wallet will never actually be used to store coins, and was created solely for this tutorial.

The VERY FIRST THING you should do is backup your Keys and Seed information. Highlight the contents of the popup box and then right-click Copy.

In a new .txt document, right-click Paste, then Save. At this point you can print out a paper copy, and move the file to a usb stick (or 2 or 3) and put them away in secure storage. It is unwise to leave an unencrypted .txt file containing this sort of information on your PC.

Trust issues with your PC?

  • If the user doesn’t trust the copy-paste method due to the potential for other apps to access the contents of their clipboard, then the author would caution the user on the difficulty of manually transposing the Keys via handwritten method, as the risk of making a mistake is quite high when dealing with a pair of long alphanumeric keys. Extreme accuracy and attention to detail is required.
  • Handwriting the Mnemonic Seed Phrase is much easier to cross check for accuracy, and thus should always be done in addition to saving the Keys information.

Repeating this Important Information: The above keys and seed are for demonstration purposes only - this wallet address will not be used. NEVER show your real private keys or mnemonic seed phrase on a website nor share them with anyone. Keep Them Safe; Keep them Hidden. No member of the Safex Team will ever ask you for your private keys or mnemonic seed phrase. Anyone asking for such information in a DM or open forum will be a scammer!

Feel free to explore the new wallet layout.

Market tab:

Show Products:

My Orders:

Tokens tab:

History tab:

Bug Note: for v1.6 release, when you reopen the wallet and click the History tab, it displays the history information from the last time you accessed the wallet. To update the history, click back onto one of the other tabs and then click the History tab again, and it will update to the correct current information.

For further reading on crypto security, read through these articles.

You are now ready to start using the Safex TWM Wallet.
Various files are created when you create a new Safex wallet address with the TWM Wallet software. Users can read more about them here.