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Sell Products

and Earn Crypto

Create unstoppable webstores, powered by a privacy blockchain

Lock your tokens to earn revenue alongside marketplace activity growth

Mine coins that you can turn into the products and services you want

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Unstoppable Webstores

Safex helps online merchants break free from being stuck at the mercy of centralized platforms that charge large fees and even leverage their data to compete against their customers.

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Revenue Sharing

The Safex marketplace aligns incentives between merchants and the community at large so that when merchant sales grow, everybody wins. The Network builds on every sale from every webstore.

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Equitable Mining

Unlike other coins that require expensive rigs and that only benefit massive corporate interests, Safex is CPU and GPU mineable and ASIC resistant. Turn idle power on your computer into goods and services on the market effortlessly by mining SFX.

Vision of the Safex Foundation

Vision of the Foundation: Connecting the world through cryptocurrency and blockchain technological innovations that improve our ability to communicate, conduct commerce, manage energy to increase human quality of life.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Introduce practical examples of the fundamental concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Educating the public and institutions about mining, blockchain consensus, wallet management, cryptocurrency commerce, community inclusion and outreach.