Safex Knowledge Base
Safex Knowledge Base

Safex Knowledge Base

Putting it simply, Safex is a decentralized eCommerce platform powered by a privacy blockchain. Below you'll find enough educational information, guides, and explanation about Safex Marketplace, Safex Blockchain, the Safex Coins, how to use them, and how to benefit from them.

Safex knowledge base is made both for beginners and tech gurus, so let's dive in!

Getting Started

  1. First Steps
  2. Safex Basics
  3. Safex Advanced
  4. Safex FAQ
  5. Safex News & Updates
  6. Important Links

Tech guidebook

  1. Safex Wallet [Guides]
  2. Buy, sell, handle Safex on the exchanges [Guides]
  3. Safex Economics [Explanations]
  4. Safex Cash Mining [Guides]
  5. Safex Nodes [Guides]

Ecommerce Articles

  1. Ecommerce Basics
  2. Tips & Tricks
  3. Ecommerce & Cryptocurrency


  1. Privacy Blockchain
  2. Crypto Security

Blockchain & Crypto [Basics]

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