SafeX Sunday #3 Hangout

A new SafeX Sunday Hangout - new product listings on the Safex Marketplace.

SafeX Sunday #3 Hangout

We had one more excellent hangout. As soon as we reported a new product was listed on Safex Market, some even more recent products were added to the collection. In the live video and Twitter post, we were informed yoga mats and backpacks were listed.

SafeX Sunday Hangout New Safex Marketplace Listings
Safex TWM Wallet

Dan and Aharon talked about success with automated deliveries of flashlights. They spoke about privacy coins, as Safex Cash and Monero, and their power to the community. They talked a bit about Wrapped Safex Cash, mining, and future steps.

To see the list of products download Safex TWM Wallet or visit Safex Ninja.

Watch the full video: