What is Safex Commission Pool?

Learn What is Safex Commission Pool.

What is Safex Commission Pool?

Every purchase on the Safex Marketplace has a 5% sales commission, which is automatically deducted from the Safex Cash (SFX) purchase price. When an item is purchased, 5% goes into the commission pool and the remaining 95% goes directly to the seller’s address.

Staking Safex Token

The Safex Commission Pool is a repository of all the collected 5% fees.  Every 1000-blocks, the fees accumulated during that 1000-block interval are allocated on a pro rata basis amongst all the eligible Staked Safex Tokens (SFT) that were staked for the entire 1000-block interval.

To claim the accruals (aka revenue share) into the wallet, a user must Unstake the SFT, at which point both the SFT that were staked, along with the SFX that was accrued against that Staked amount, are transferred back into the wallet’s available balance.

The allocations accrue for a maximum period of 500,000 blocks (approx 1.9 years), after which time no further accruals take place - the user must Unstake and collect the accrued SFX, and then they can again Stake the SFT and continue further accruals.