How to Unstake Safex Tokens?

Learn how to Unstake Safex Tokens in just a few clicks.

How to Unstake Safex Tokens?

Unstaking Safex Tokens (SFT) is equally easy as staking. You would need several clicks to Unstake Tokens and claim accumulated Safex Cash (SFX).

To claim the accumulated SFX associated with a Staked SFT output, the user must perform an Unstake of that Staked amount. Once the Unstake transaction is processed, the accumulated SFX and the formerly staked SFT will return to the wallet balance (after showing as Pending for 10 blocks).

Keep in mind:

You have to have tokens staked for 8000 blocks (10-11 days) before you decide to unstake them. Each Staked amount qualifies for revenue share at the next 1000-block interval. Revenue Share is calculated at the end of every 1000-block interval, so don’t be surprised you haven’t got your Safex Cash immediately. You can unstake only the total amount that was previously staked. To conduct the transaction, as always, you will need a small amount of Safex Cash.

Let’s start with unstaking

1. Choose which stake you want to unstake

If you have more than one ''package'' of staked Tokens, click on the arrow in the field ''Staked'' in the red box and choose which package you want to unstake. That could be important because one might have more accumulated Safex Cash than others. When you click on the arrow, the first stake (chronologically) will be at the top and all laters - below. If you get confused, you can always look at the block number at Unstake Tokens - a smaller block number indicates certain staking happened first.

Unstake Safex Tokens

2. Choose mixin

After that, choose mixin. As you probably know, you need to set up a mixin (ring size) every time you send a transaction on the Safex blockchain. More about mixin you can find here.

3. Click on the Unstake button

When you click on the Unstake button, you will get this message confirming you will unstake and collect SFT and SFX. In this case, 25000 SFT and 1.37 SFX:

Ustake Safex Tokens and collect Safex Cash

After you click on the Ok button, this message will pop out informing you what fee you will pay to conduct the transaction:

After you agree, you would need to confirm for the last time:

Unstake Safex Tokens Confirm

That is all you have to do. Soon after, you will see that your amount of staked Tokes decreased:

Unstaked Safex Tokens

After 10 blocks, you will see the total amount of available Safex Tokens in your wallet that you can send, exchange, or stake again.

If you still don't have any coins staked, here is how to do so: follow the guide, stake your Tokens, and get revenue.

One final note: it is always a good idea to check the current block height, just in case you are only a few blocks away from the end of a 1000-block interval.  If you unstake just before the end of an interval, and then don’t restake your SFT until after, then you would miss out on rev share for both 1000-block intervals.  Always try to unstake and the restake the SFT in the same interval, to minimise the rev share you miss out on.