What is an eCommerce promotion engine?

In the highly competitive field of eCommerce, you need your eCommerce store to stand out from the competition and grow your customer base. Besides other strategies and tools, an eCommerce promotion engine can help you to achieve this goal via several features that we are going to present you.

What is an eCommerce promotion engine?

Just like a brick-and-mortar store needs promotion to thrive, it is quite the same with eCommerce stores if you want to reach your target customers. However, since it is set up in the digitalized environment, your eCommerce store's promotion requires the usage of specialized engines for promotions, which are the most powerful tools to drive traffic to your eCommerce store.

E-Commerce promotion engines support their users with automated processes, advanced validation criteria and flexible distribution parameters that enable you to promote your eCommerce store far beyond your CRM or eCommerce platform.

In this article, we are going to present you with some of the best eCommerce promotion engines to help you achieve your aims and promote your eCommerce store to the right customers.


Uniqodo is the best option for all businesses that want to facilitate online sales, drive conversions, acquisition and gain a chance to increase their eCommerce revenue. In fact, its features can be useful for any CRM or eCommerce platform. Uniqodo offers a flexible system of promotions providing tailor-made campaigns exclusively for your needs.

With Uniqodo, the whole budget will be maintained by yourself, while your promotions can be referred to the specific users on your targeted campaigns. Uniqodo can also help you to organize your affiliate marketing activities by providing your partners with the possibility to generate their own codes with your confirmation. This advanced validation criterion supports you with multiple options to create different promotional types, set multi-stage validation criteria and offer time-limited discounts.

Another one of Uniqodo's benefits is that it enables the use of various integration options such as Google Tag Manager, APIs or JavaScript and the opportunity to easily test and track your promotional campaigns' outcomes.


Talon.One is an eCommerce promotion engine that provides its users with simple integration and multiple options to build their promotion strategies.

With Talon.One, you can easily enable various discount options such as coupons, discounts, referrals, loyalty, bundling of services, geofencing and embedding your promotion on a map, gift cards, wallets, etc.

Talon.One, sharing similarities with Uniqodo, enables the code control, validation criteria, and integration with third-party APIs such as Mailchimp, PayPal or Google BigQuery. Talon.One offers completely adjustable features that are used to build even the most complex promotions and utmost important omnichannel promotion solutions, which is the key benefit of this eCommerce promotion engine. Talon.One has developed an advanced analysis system that takes customers' interactions as input and uses them as variables to drive promotions and sales.


Voucherify is an affordable all-in-one promotion management software that is easy to integrate and offers well-built features such as advanced validation criteria, multi-use coupons, flexible webhooks and custom workflows.

Voucherify also supports its users with marketer-friendly features that enable them to track real-time customer segmentation, single customer view & customer filters, Email, SMS, push automation, complete cross-channel capabilities, and set the promotion rules and other parameters. Fraud prevention mechanisms, geolocation and advanced security and analytics systems are vital focal points of Voucherify that allow its users to quickly scale their eCommerce business through selected promotions.

How can an eCommerce promotion engine help you to increase your eCommerce store's revenue?

Although online businesses still belong to a new business model, many retailers clearly have already recognized the potential of the online environment, which has turned the eCommerce business into a highly competitive field. Running an eCommerce business is very lucrative if you successfully scale your business and surpass your competitors. This goal may be achieved by using an eCommerce promotion engine that will help you to stand out from your competitors.

The usage of an eCommerce promotion engine may support your online business with multiple benefits and also give essential answers on how to market your eCommerce business.

Before performing a promotion, make sure to set up a strategy that will lead you through the whole promotion process. Keep in mind that a properly organized promotion can resolve various challenges of your eCommerce business. It will drive more traffic to your eCommerce store, increase conversions and help you to better engage with your customers. Simply said, an eCommerce promotion engine can help you improve your chances for sales and grow your eCommerce revenue.

The best tactics to improve your promotion results


Coupons are one of the most common promotional deals that can be brought into use in various ways. You can give a coupon to every user who visits your website. In the form of a pop-up and subscription, you can send coupons to already existing customers to nurture your regular customers or you can organize a giveaway with an influencer in order to increase brand awareness. Coupons can be provided in the form of a code as discount or a certain value.

Promotional bundles

Another promotional action that can inspire your customers to finish a purchase is providing them with a range of possibilities for better deals such as "buy three get five", "3 books for $10", or combining multiple products into one package offering a discount.

Free shipping

High shipping fees are usually the most painful point of every online shopping experience. Shipping costs are one of the most common reasons why online shoppers are not finishing their purchase and cart abandonment rates are high. According to a Statista report, 55% of shoppers claimed they didn't finish their purchase because of the high extra costs such as shipping, taxes and other fees. For that reason, a promotion that guarantees free shipping is the most effective tactic to increase conversions and revenue.

Whenever you have the budget to provide your customers with such a promotion, you should use it. For example, if the shipping costs are significantly low for a particular product, you could include it in the final product's price and highlight that the shipping is free.

Free product or sample

Providing a free additional product as a part of a promotional action such as "buy 2 get 3" or handing out a sample of a new product to your customers to test it, can be a very attractive offer and lead to an increase of your sales and revenue.

Amount or percentage off an order or a product

A fixed value discount or a discount percentage for particular products can definitely boost your sales and can especially be used for those that need to be removed from the stock.

Can you activate promotions on an eCommerce store powered by blockchain technology?

Activating loyalty rewards software on a blockchain-based eCommerce platform is possible using the advantages of so-called smart contracts. For example, smart contracts enable automation of promotions based on customer transaction history since all purchases settled over the blockchain are recorded in the distributed ledger. Thus, offering a discount through with the help of a smart contract is possible to realize.

Since the execution of smart contracts is based on the principles of blockchain technology, they provide both the merchants and the store operators with a high level of security, preventing any possibility of fraud or misuse of the promotional endeavors. The question of how to build an eCommerce store on a blockchain-based eCommerce platform is less complex than you might think. Besides that, in many cases it is even simpler than using traditional eCommerce platforms and multiple add-ons that require more of your time and may increase your operational costs. Using all the features of blockchain technology for eCommerce can advance and accelerate your business by surpassing all the unnecessary expenses, saving your time using its simple integration processes and limitless possibilities for trading.

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