Safex One-Click Miner | Mac guide

Safex One-Click Miner is a straightforward application for Safex Cash mining on your desktop or laptop.

Safex One-Click Miner | Mac guide

A simple One-Click Miner for mining Safex Cash is out and ready for download. This application is made so you can easily mine Safex Cash on your desktop or laptop with just a few clicks.

Keep in mind that installing and running applications is way easier on Mac and Linux than on Windows simply because you don't need to deal with disabling antivirus system(s).

Steps for running the Safex One-Click Miner:

  1. Download the Miner app
  2. Run and setup
  3. Check your mining efforts on the Mining Pool

Download the Safex One-Click Miner app

Go on the Mining Safex Cash page of our website.

Safex One Click Miner Mac

Download the mac version.

Download Safex One Click Miner for Mac

The application will be downloaded shortly.

Safex Mining Application Downloaded

After that, drag the app to the application folder.

Safex Community One Click Miner

Run and setup

Double click on it to run it.

Run Safex One Click Miner App

Next, you will see the popup message. Click on Open.

Safex Miner Internet Application Popup

Right after that Safex Miner app will be opened.

Safex Community One-Click Miner Application Open

To start mining, you first enter your Safex address.

Copy/paste your Safex address from your Safex TWM Wallet. If you haven't installed the Safex Wallet yet, download it and easily install the Wallet by following this guide. When you open the Wallet, copy the Safex address, then paste it into the Miner.

Safex Wallet Address

Paste it to the Miner.

Safex Community One Click Miner Application Safex Address

You can name your Miner.
Choose which mining pool to connect to. You should choose the pool by location. In this tutorial, we will keep the default pool.

You can also pick which percentage of CPU consumption you will allow. Of course, 100% gives the best results.

Click START.

Start Safex Community One-Click Miner Application

Right away, you will see "Loading" at the bottom, and a few seconds later, you can see your hash rate.

Check your mining efforts on Mining Pool

To check the progress of your Miner, go to, click on Workers Statistics and paste your Safex address. Click on "Lookup."

Ssafex Mining Pool One Click App

You will see all the information you need, including payment history.

Pool Safex One Click Miner Mac

Since we just started this Miner app, there have been no payments. Keep in mind that the more powerful the CPU you have, the better results you will get.

Later on, when you decide to use your mined Safex Cash to buy some product on Safex Market, just open your Wallet, click on the Market tab, browse and buy.

If you have any questions about Safex One-Click miner, ask us on Safex Forum.

If you use Windows operating system, you might need to disable your antivirus system to activate Safex One-click Miner. Follow the guide if needed.

That's all. Happy mining!