How to Receive Safex Cash or Safex Tokens?

This is a short and straightforward explanation of how to receive Safex Tokens or Safex Cash.

How to Receive Safex Cash or Safex Tokens?

If you wish to receive Safex Cash or Safex Tokens from someone, you should send them your Public Safex address.

TWM Wallet

If you want these coins to be sent to your TWM Wallet, you can just enter your TWM Wallet and copy the Safex Address. This Address is a public address that you can share with anyone. Keep in mind that both Tokens and Cash could be sent to it.

If you don’t have the TWM Wallet, download it here and install it. You can follow this guide. If you already have a wallet, you need to open it by browsing your .keys file and entering the password. If you lost the password, you could use your keys or seeds to restore the Wallet.

In both cases, after entering the Wallet, you should just copy the Address from the Home page by clicking on the copy button.

Safex Cash and Safex Token Public Address

Xcalibra Exchange

If you want coins to be sent to your account on the exchange, just log in to your account. To do so, you will need to enter your email and your password. After that, go on the Balances tab, choose Safex Tokens or Cash - depending on which one you want to be sent to you and click on the Deposit.

Xcalibra Send Safex Cash and Token

There you can click on the copy button to copy the Address.

Xcalibra Deposit Safex Token

Note: On the exchanges, including Xcalibra exchange, Safex Tokens and Safex Cash, have separate addresses, which is not the case with the TWM wallet! That means you need to pay attention to what you are copying.

When you copy your Address where you want funds to be sent, just paste the Address to the sender:

Safex Token and Safex Cash Addresses

When you get confirmation from the sender that a transaction is sent, you might go to the Wallet and look at your balances. You should see the Pending amount on your home page, as well as on your History page. After 20 minutes (10 blocks) you should see the coins you received have been added to your available balance.

If you have any questions about sending or receiving Safex Tokens or Cash, write a post on our Forum.

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