How to Install MetaMask wallet?

In this text, we will explain how to install MetaMask Wallet.

How to Install MetaMask wallet?

MetaMask wallet is a wallet usually associated with the Ethereum network. However, it works for other blockchains like Binance blockchain for example. You can access MetaMask wallet through a browser or mobile device. Installing MetaMask wallet is extremely easy and necessary for swapping BNB for Wrapped Safex Cash. Let's do it.

1. Download MetaMask wallet

First, go to the website and download the wallet for your device. You can integrate MetaMask wallet on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge browsers if you want to install it as a desktop version. If you want to use MetaMask mobile version, you can download the iOS or Android version. If you're going to use the desktop version but don't have any of the mentioned browsers, you need to download one.

2. Download browser if you don’t have it

We will download Firefox by clicking on the Download button:

Install MetaMask wallet Download Firefox

Drag it to the Applications folder or unzip the file and double click on it if you are using Windows operating system:

Install MetaMask Wallet Firefox Installation

Click on the Open button to open the browser:

Install MetaMask Wallet Firefox

3. Install MetaMask wallet

Now, go back to the website and install the MetaMask wallet by clicking on the Install MetaMask for Firefox button.

Install MetaMask Wallet Download MetaMask

Click on the Add to Firefox button:

Install MetaMask Wallet Add to Firefox

Click on Add button:

Install MetaMask Wallet Add MetaMask Extension

And finally, click on the Get Started button:

Install MetaMask Wallet Welcome to MetaMask

You can choose between two option:

  1. In the case you already have MetaMask, you can open an existing wallet using the Recovery phrase, or
  2. Create a new wallet
Install MetaMask Wallet Create a Wallet

In this guide, we will create a new one from scratch. However, if you already have a wallet, click on the Import Wallet button and follow the further instructions.

To create a new wallet, click on the Create a Wallet button. Create a password by creating a strong and reliable password that you will write somewhere down, and click on Create button:

Install MetaMask Wallet Create Pasword

Set up a username and click Save:

Install MetaMask Wallet Username

You will see your MetaMask wallet is now added to your extension list:

Install MetaMask Wallet Extension

Next step: type in your password and click on the Unlock:

Install MetaMask Wallet Unlock MetaMask

Watch a video on how to make your wallet safe, and click on the Next button:

Install MetaMask Wallet Secure Your Wallet

If you skipped watching that video, you could always learn something about wallet safety here. Click on the grey field, and your mnemonic seeds - key phrases will be revealed. Write them down in the same order and click on the Next button:

Install MetaMask Wallet Back Up Phrase

Click on the words to position them on the previously given order:

Click the Next button:

Congrats! That's it.

To access the wallet enter the password:

And you are in. Now you have a MetaMask wallet that runs on the Ethereum network. If you wish to activate the BSC network to swap BNB for WSFX, follow this link.