''Why my coin balances change after I made a transaction?''

In this article, we explain why it may look like your coins disappeared. Take it easy, it's all fine.

''Why my coin balances change after I made a transaction?''

So, you made a transaction (Purchase/Send SFX/Send SFT/Stake/etc) and lots more coins disappeared from your wallet balance than was meant for the transaction?

DON'T PANIC! Take a breath...

Safex uses the CryptoNote system of outputs for recording coin movements into and out of the wallet. If you receive 124658 SFX in a transaction, cryptonote would register the incoming coins as the following 6 outputs:

  • 100000
  • 20000
  • 4000
  • 600
  • 50
  • 8

Every incoming transaction is similarly registered, and all the outputs are then available as inputs when you subsequently make an outgoing transaction.

When your coins get moved, think of it like paper notes in your fiat wallet. If you receive your SFT in a single 100k transaction, then you will have one 100k SFT note in your wallet.

When you stake your SFT, even if you only stake 30k, the smallest note you have is the 100k output. So your entire 100k SFT stack goes into the transaction that gets sent to the blockchain for processing.

If you check your balance immediately after you send the transaction, but before it gets processed, your SFT will show a zero balance. This is normal.

That is because you just handed over your 100k SFT note to the cashier (the blockchain) and you are now waiting for the transaction to be processed, and for you to get your change back from the blockchain “cashier”. (If you look in your fiat wallet whilst standing at the cash register after handing over a $100 note to pay for a $30 purchase, do you think you’ve lost $70? No.)

Once the 30k SFT transaction gets processed by the blockchain, a 70k output will be returned to your wallet (Pending for 10 blocks), and 30k will appear in the staked balance (after the 10-block wait).

This also applies for SFX outputs, even those used to cover the transaction fee. If you did the above Stake of 30K SFT and your smallest SFX output was 1000 SFX, even if the transaction fee is only 0.16 SFX, the entire 1000 SFX output will get handed over, and you’ll get 999.84 SFX back from the Blockchain/Cashier after the Stake transaction is processed.

The same goes for any simple SFT/SFX send transaction, purchase from marketplace, or any other advanced transaction on the blockchain.

This is how it should work, so please, nobody freak out that their money is momentarily ‘gone’ :).