What is Safex Software?

Learn what Safex Software is; what are safexcore, safex node, wallets.

What is Safex Software?

The Safexcore software is improved upon Monero's software and can be found here. The software releases are made for modern Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Safexcore comprises the following software components:

  • node ("safexd" daemon)
  • cli wallet
  • rpc wallet

Let’s explain what each of them is.

What is a Safex Node?

A Node, alternatively referred to as a Full Node in certain circumstances, is the daemon software that functions as the conduit to the decentralized ledger for the Safex Blockchain. Nodes talk to other nodes, and those nodes speak to even more nodes, and a spider web of connections is created whereby all the nodes maintain contact with some other nodes in the network.

Nodes can do a range of things:

  • Synchronize blocks of the blockchain
  • Relay transaction and new block information
  • Respond to queries from connected wallets or other API (Application Programming Interface) software
  • Run in a solo mining capacity, via the start_mining <address> command
  • Generate and distribute a block reward, if a new block is won by that node
  • Write pending transactions to the block, when a block is thus found, within the capacity of the current [dynamic] blocksize
  • Can operate in Remote Procedure Call (rpc) mode, customarily referred to simply as rpc (further Safex Daemon RPC information, including a complete list of available rpc calls, can be found here.

Additional information on Nodes can be found here.

What is a cli Wallet?

cli wallet is the node's companion command-line interface wallet (no graphics or pretty buttons), which allows users to create, restore, or access a Safex wallet address at the command line level. The cli wallet can be set to operate in a variety of modes, communicating with a node running locally or elsewhere on the network.

A cli wallet is not regularly used by the majority of users, as the functionality is often seen as requiring a certain level of skill to use.

All the advanced functions of the Safex Marketplace are available to the users, however, it may not be practical to use the cli wallet in such a manner due to the lack of embedded graphics display for products, unformatted/raw data entry for product descriptions, and no ability to integrate the Safex API for encrypted communication between buyer and seller.

However, for testing and bug detection purposes, the cli wallet was invaluable during the development of the Safex Marketplace code.

In a pinch, the cli wallet can undoubtedly be used to check wallet balances, do simple sending of SFT or SFX, Staking SFT, or even create Safex Account names.

What is a GUI Wallet?

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Wallets are also now available, thanks to the commercialization of the Safex Blockchain for real-world peer-to-peer eCommerce use. The first such wallet, TWM Wallet, can be downloaded from here.

Through the use of the TWM Wallet, buyers and sellers are now able to trade goods and services in exchange for SFX, and communicate with each other via the embedded API communications protocol, which creates encrypted (RSA 4096) messaging instances for each purchase, which can only be accessed by the buyer and seller.

The TWM Wallet also allows users to perform simple send transactions for SFT and/or SFX, and allows token holders to Stake and Unstake their SFT.

It is anticipated that other wallets and eCommerce interfaces will become available as further commercial applications of the Safex Blockchain are developed.

UPDATE: The Safex Big Box Store Wallet is a full-function Safex wallet that was developed by the Safex community. The companion Big Box Store Front software allows anyone, anywhere to independently offer their goods for sale. Further reading: Coming Soon.

What is rpc Wallet?

rpc wallet is a more advanced wallet companion to the node software and is generally only used by advanced users who require that specific level of functionality. Some good examples of this are Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Mining Pool Operators. Wallet RPC information, including a complete list of available rpc calls, can be found here.

In addition to the Safexcore code, there are several other software repositories that provide additional tools relating to the Safex blockchain:

  • An API module
  • A Blockchain Explorer
  • Other advanced Safex - specific software repositories, found here.

Safex Marketplace: Safex Regular User Wallet Command Access

In addition to simple SFT or SFX send transactions, all Safex Wallet holders can perform the following advanced blockchain functions:

  • Token Stake
  • Token Unstake
  • Safex Purchase

In addition to simple SFT or SFX send transactions, all of the following advanced blockchain functions can be performed by any user (some commands are still only accessible via the cli wallet):

  • Safex Feedback
  • Account Creation
  • Account Edit
  • Offer Creation
  • Offer Edit
  • Price Peg Creation
  • Price Peg Edit

Safex Marketplace: Safex Advanced User Access

A wallet holder must first create a Safex Account using the Account Creation function to gain access to the restricted functions.

Anyone looking to run a price peg oracle or sell products/services on the Safex Marketplace must first create such an account.

A user must have a minimum of 1,000 Safex Cash available in their wallet to create a Safex Account. That 1,000 Safex Cash get locked for 22,000 blocks (approximately 30 days), at the end of which, the Safex Cash is returned to the available balance of the user's wallet.

Further reading on Safex Accounts can be found at GitHub.

Further reading on all the advance transactions can be found here.