What are Privacy Coins?

Learn about Privacy Coins: Safex Token and Safex Cash.

What are Privacy Coins?

Privacy coins are the tokens and currencies of privacy blockchains. Among others, privacy coins are Safex Cash, Safex Token, Monero, Dash, zCash. Transactions of privacy coins are untraceable, due to the cryptographic processes of their corresponding privacy blockchains. Privacy blockchains are made to protect the sovereignty and rights of each person with technology solutions that enable secure, safe, and private transactions.

Privacy Coins: Safex Token and Safex Cash

Safex Token (SFT) is the utility token of the Safex Blockchain, and can be used to create Merchant Accounts for selling goods and services on the built-in marketplace. SFT can also be staked to earn a pro rata share of the built-in 5% sales commission on the sale of all items on the marketplace.

Safex Cash (SFX) is the egalitarian Proof of Work mineable cryptocurrency that functions as the medium of exchange for all marketplace transactions. SFX is also used to pay transaction fees for all transactions on the network.

Transactions of Safex Cash and Token are fast and reliable. Block time for both are around 2 minutes, and block size is dynamic. You may want to conduct transactions of privacy coins to protect your privacy and to feel secure. By using privacy coins, you are also promoting privacy and security in the online environment and therefore making an essential impact in the global monetary ecosystem. Coins like Safex Cash, Safex Token and Monero are part of the decentralized networks powered by the community of passionate privacy supporters. This electronic cash and tokens are easily accessible to all. You can buy them on cryptocurrency exchanges, mine them, run your own node, and support the network.

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