TWM Wallet on Stagenet 2

NOTE: This article is outdated and archived. Safex is not on Stagenet anymore.

TWM Wallet on Stagenet 2

This article is outdated and archived. If you want to get introduced to Safex TWM wallet - read more in this guide and download current Safex Wallet here.


In this article you will learn about the different views of The World Marketplace Wallet which are the following ones: Home, Market, Merchant, Tokens.

Home: contains the Safex Cash (SFX) wallet, and a quick view to products
Market: pulls all of the product listings from the blockchain and displays them here, this is where you can buy new products
Merchant: here you can make a seller account and manage your offers and orders
Tokens: the Safex Token (SFT) wallet is here, as well as an interface for staking and unstaking tokens for collecting marketplace revenue earnings


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Opening Page

After opening the TWM Wallet you can open an existing wallet file, create a new wallet, recover a wallet from keys or from a seed phrase.

Create New Wallet

We will start with the first step in joining The World Marketplace by creating a new wallet. After a file path and file name are chosen, you can connect the wallet to the blockchain network using the default url, another third party of your choice or your own node.

RPC Nodes (Connecting to the Blockchain Network) for the TWM Wallet

A list of running RPC nodes around the world can be found here. If you decided for the nearest node, you should copy + paste the node address into daemon host field. In this example below, the wallet will connect to the RPC node in Amsterdam.

Choose a Password

A password has to be chosen and confirmed. Then the process is confirmed by clicking the Create Wallet field. NOTE: Remember that this is a one way password. Once you create it, you can not recover it by any means except to remember it.

Open Wallet

An already existing wallet file can be opened by selecting the wallet file and providing the correct password for it. Suppose you already made a wallet and want to reopen it, then you would use this route.

Again, it can be decided which node the wallet should connect to.

After creating a new wallet or opening an existing one you will land on the Home page of The World Marketplace Wallet.


The Home page displays the public address ready to copy. This is where you receive Safex Cash and Safex Tokens on the Stagenet in this case. Stagenet Safex Tokens and Stagenet Safex Cash are needed for testing are handed out by the Safex community (you can also mine them). On this page (home page) the you can also send Safex Cash to other addresses.


After clicking Market a synchronization of data takes place for some time. Generally speaking, this will take the least amount of time if the wallet is connected to a node on the same machine. If the wallet is connected to the default RPC node or a third party RPC node, data synchronization will be the better the nearer the connected node is.

After complete synchronization the offers are rendered directly from the blockchain.

Hovering the mouse over the offer names will result in a display of the offer descriptions and a picture of the selected offer.


On this page, you are able to create new merchant accounts which are needed to create offers on the blockchain. Here, you can also manage your accounts (edit relevant information), create new offers and edit existing offers (change descriptions or stock numbers).


On this page, you can send Safex Tokens to other Safex addresses and manage the Token staking to participate in the revenue share system of The World Marketplace.

Functionalities of The World Marketplace

In this second section of the article, a walk through for the different functionalities will be given.

Stake Tokens

Purchase Offer

Pick an offer to purchase on the Market page. Click Buy.

A purchase window opens up. Choose the desired quantity, then confirm payment.

The purchase transaction can be monitored in the block explorer.

Create Account

Upload an avatar picture here and save the generated URL.

Go to Merchant page and click New Account.

Choose username, provide avatar URL and write a biography/description.

Click Create Account and confirm transaction.

The account creation transaction can be monitored in the block explorer.

The account was created and sent to the blockchain. 100 Safex Token will be temporarily locked for a time interval of 300 blocks. The new account shows up and additional accounts may be created.

List Offer

Go to Merchant page and wait until data synchronization is complete. Select specific account in case more than one account was created in the wallet. Click New Offer.

Provide an image URL for the offer as well as title, description, price and quantity.

Click List Offer to confirm the offer listing transaction.

The create offer transaction can be monitored in the block explorer.

Lookup Offer on the Merchant Page

After successful creation of a new offer it will show up in a list at the bottom of the Merchant page after the related account is selected.

When an offer is purchased, the new offer quantity will show up in the table.

Lookup Offer on the Market Page

The newly created offer will now also show up on the Market page.

Unstake Tokens and Collect Revenue Share

In order to unstake staked tokens and collect the accrued revenue share, you have to visit the Tokens page again. Then, the amount of staked SFT has to be filled in before clicking the red Unstake and Collect field.

A window pops up to confirm the transaction.

The transaction gets finally submitted after confirming in the second window.

The transaction has been submitted and the transaction ID is shown.

The unstake token transaction can be monitored in the block explorer.

This is the state of the art of the Safex Blockchain Network and Marketplace Application. You are able to do defi style staking with safex tokens to collect real world revenue from marketplace transactions. There is a cryptocurrency used to settle offers, decentralized, clearing through the transaction pool directly. Finally there is the entire flow of establishing a pseudo identity and managing your data directly over the cryptonote (monero) style blockchain.


Direct Download MacOS:

Direct Download Ubuntu:

Direct Download Windows: