Safex Update | June

In this Safex June Update, we are covering news from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Safex Update | June

Safex Market partnerships and listings

TWM Inc has partnered with Focus Camera and listed several products on Safex Market. So far, shoppers can choose between Sony, Canon, and Panasonic photo equipment.

A short time before that, they also partnered with Watchmaxx, and if you live in the United States (products are geofenced), looking at the Market page of the Safex TWM Wallet, you will find over 40 high-quality watches, with brands including: Rolex, Tissot, Seiko, and Versace.

Safex Wallet update

Currently, we’re using Safex Wallet v.1.6. with vital updates important for easily finding products. When you log in to your Safex Wallet and then click on the Market tab, you can see the newly added Search button, where you can type in the product you’re looking for and search through the offers.

Several bug fixes were also implemented into the latest release, including improvements to transaction display in the History page, particularly relating to Staking and Unstaking transactions.

Website update

If you haven’t seen it yet, the website has been fully updated with new pages and sections so that you can learn and use Safex easier than ever. You can look for guides on how to mine Safex Cash, stake Safex Tokens, buy coins, install the Wallet, use Safex Market, and so on.

After a short period of unavailability, Safex Blog is again accessible to all readers, and the Knowledge Base has been integrated into the new website.

Open job positions

TWM Inc is expanding the team and offering full-time job offers in Denver, Colorado. Here are the offers, be free to apply or share.

Some other surprises are planned, so stay updated. Follow our Twitter account for more recent news: