How Safex.Market Compliments the FBA Seller?

Does Safex.Market complement the FBA Seller? Oh yeah! Read more about that.

How Safex.Market Compliments the FBA Seller?

Amazon Seller Intro

Selling on Amazon may seem easy, initially. And arguably, it is. But ask any Amazon Seller who has been on the platform long enough and they’ll tell you about the countless little ways Amazon works to create dependency and ultimately cripple the growth of their sellers. Just a few of the issues include:

  • Lower Customer Loyalty
  • No Customer Contact Info
  • No Account Guarantees

Hypothetically, if your Amazon account were turned off tomorrow, you would have nothing at all to show for it. No customer list. Your Amazon password would be invalid. For us Amazon sellers, we’re playing in someone else’s playpen. We don’t have access to the customers that our own business is accumulating.

As an Amazon Seller, if for example I do 300,000 or 400,000 transactions with many unique customers, and I wanted to launch a new version of my product, I wouldn’t have access to any of those customers who I’ve transacted with. I don’t have their email. I don’t have their cell phone numbers. Amazon withholds that information. This makes it much harder for us, as sellers, to build.

Various Ways to Grow Beyond Amazon

Amazon Sellers have many opportunities to go about increasing their sales.

  • Build out a more extensive catalog
  • Use software that lists products on other channels
  • Build out a custom website

Many of these methods require a specific build-out for each seller. Consider any other ecommerce website, such as a custom beginner website. You need to create a catalog, invest expensive developer time in customizations, make dozens of important customer experience decisions, and so forth. These methods can increase your sales by 2%, 5%, 10% or more, but these build-outs are time consuming and potentially expensive. You need to think about site navigation, catalog structure, browsing experience and more. There are costs attached to all of this.

Even after this work of building out a custom website is complete, no one is going to go to your website automatically. You need to bring people to that site through traditional ways. You’re competing with 20+ other people who are advertising the same products in the search engine results. That’s one reason why Amazon sellers struggle with expanding their sales. Past a certain point, you don't want to have all your eggs in one basket.

Unfortunately, even the private label business model doesn’t protect Amazon sellers. Some sellers have pursued this so they would at least have something that is outside of Amazon. The idea is that a seller can create their own products’ brand. Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t even protect their private label sellers, either.

If a private label seller creates a product, having a one out of ten chance to succeed simply due to the nature of innovation and business. Even if Amazon doesn’t compete with you directly (and they may), there are actually companies that obtain & will sell your successful PPC data to the general public. This can be very damaging to profits over time. If you are a seller that takes a risk to create a product, and it succeeds, then you really only have a few months to run with it before AmazonBasics slams out a version of it & others join the party.

Soon it’s no longer $5 to acquire a customer in PPC advertising, to sell a $100 product. It quickly becomes $7, then $12 to acquire that same customer. Amazon may not even sell it themselves, but the data is leaked and that informs other competitors who will acquire your product and expand their own catalog by blindly making products that have healthy PPC campaigns on the backend.

Now there are three or more versions of your product, and it’s just not as profitable as it was before.

There are many more items to expand on, how we cater directly to all Amazon sellers, and we’ll touch on all of them in future articles.

Safex Alternative for Amazon Sellers

Safex is available no matter what channel you are selling on, but it is especially advantageous for Amazon Sellers. Any channel (including Amazon) will soon be easily integrated with the Safex market. This requires no build-out. The entire, growing Safex user base is going to be available to you, to potentially become your customers.

You don’t need to acquire new customers. You don’t need to build your own website. There’s really nothing for you to do, other than to integrate with Safex Seller Central so you can mirror your catalog & all your products will be on the blockchain & crypto will be used as the (instant) payment method. People will be able to access your catalog globally, to buy your products.

Sustainable eCommerce Growth with Safex

Safex is one great answer to many of these issues faced by Amazon sellers. If you make 100 transactions on the Safex platform, you now have 100 relationships. One hundred happy customers that you can contact via email, or through any other contact channel. You have encrypted messaging with each customer, and you have full control over your customer base.

You also have control over your data. Your data is not being sold. So if you do have a successful product, there will never be a “Safex Basics” version of your product.

To expand on building something that you have control over is very important. Your account is not going to get suspended because of any 1-in-a-million reasons why Amazon might decide to suspend your account or freeze your funds.

That being said, there is a lot more to go over about the pros of Safex market and how it is a game changing utility to help all merchants expand their business effortlessly.

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