How Amazon FBA handles branded reselling and trademark infringement

Aharon Bernal is sharing with us how Amazon FBA handles branded reselling and trademark infringement.

How Amazon FBA handles branded reselling and trademark infringement

Third party sellers on Amazon are often barred from selling branded products that they have in their inventory.

Often many branded items become labeled as “restricted product” or “brand is gated” by the Amazon team.

This is occurring at Amazon and its FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) because it takes measures to restrict and limit counterfeit goods, or goods that are different than their description, from being sold through its platform.

There are three ways to sell a product that is gated or has been restricted.

A process called: Amazon Invoice Verification.

Here are the three ways to “ungate” and begin selling a branded product:

  1. submit a letter that states you’re an authorized reseller
  2. provide invoices from an authorized reseller
  3. provide invoices from the brand itself.

“Amazon first sale doctrine”

The first sale doctrine says that every buyer should have the right to resell an item as long as it remains the same. That's why it's okay for these sellers to display and resell items that are branded. They won't be filed and get suspended for this.

Do your invoices meet Amazon’s requirements?

Amazon will usually require a full paper trail of verifiable invoices leading back to the brand itself before un-gating a seller for a brand and allowing the merchandise to be received into one of their FBA facilities.

Amazon initiates ‘Best Practice’ policies.

Amazon has developed a brand Registry Program, Transparency Program, Project 0 Pogram, Intellectual Property Accelerator Program, and a Utility Patent Neutral Evaluation Program to combat the issues of counterfeiting.

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