Safex Infographics

Safex Infographics

Safex Community Infographics

We got inspired by our friend Ronin.
Ronin's original infographics are posted here and are all over the Internet.
Use any of them to promote Safex online.

Safex The World Marketplace Infographic
Safex Cash Infographic
Making Money with Safex Infographic
Safex Token Infographic

Private and Public Keys

Read more about Keys in the text: What are Safex Keys / Addresses?

Private and Public Keys Safex Privacy Blockchain

Staking Safex Tokens

Read more about Staking in the text: What is Staking?


Read more about Mixin in the text: What is Mixin?

Mixin Ring Size Safex Privacy Blockchain

Ring Signature

Read more about Ring Signature in the text: What is a Ring Signature?

Ring Signature Safex Privacy Blockchain

Double Spending Issue Solved

Read more about Double Spending Issue and Key Image in the text: What is a Key Image?

Double Spending Issue Safex Privacy Blockchain