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The Dev Community

Daniel Dabek

Daniel, the founder of the Safex Project, and also the Executive Director of the Safex Foundation. He serves as a lead Software Architect and has served in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry since 2013. He provides research and deploys information on the mission to enable global economic connectivity.

Igor Grkavac

Igor, intent focused on the coding editor, is the Lead Software Developer in the Cryptocurrency space. He brings a mastery of C++ and an unbending enthusiasm for distributed systems, and prefers to lead in the most current development in Blockchain systems. Igor is the principal software developer on The World Marketplace project.

Ivana Todorovic

Ivana has been a pivotal contributor to the Safex Project including developing the first guiding document: The Safex Blue Paper which lead the team in its delivery of the Safex Marketplace. Additionally, she is a principal designer of the Safex Cash (SFX) cryptocurrency mining emission schedule.

Ari Last - Advisor

Open Source

The Safex Project is an Open Source Software development and it is therefore free and open for anyone to contribute to its code bases and proliferation. The Safex Foundation endorses the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency broadly and recognizes notable contributors of software and management.