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Build a webstore on a privacy blockchain.
Grow your business on your own terms.

Thousands of Safex holders are awaiting to shop on the marketplace. Be among the first ones to offer them products or services.

The Safex marketplace is an advanced e-commerce App on a blockchain. It combines the features of Amazon, Upwork and Shopify, With a layer of privacy and decentralized security. With its own privacy cryptocurrency specially created for marketplace payments, Safex is solving major issues associated with centralized ecommerce platforms.


There is no middleman to withhold your money or limit your access to it.


Value is transferred instantly, no need to wait for days on bank transfers.


Monthly subscription fees do not exist.


If you send the goods, you will get the money. Buyers cannot stop the transaction and get your product without paying for it.


Every transaction is private and it can be seen only by you.


Code is open source. No party has the possibility to secretly harvest and manipulate data to gain advantage over the users of the platform and subvert fair trade.


As a token holder you can benefit from revenue sharing. 5% of the sale price is collected as a fee during any sale and is distributed to holders of locked-in tokens. All tokens are freely trading since 2015.


Your Account on the Blockchain is like your domain name. You can reserve important Titles (Keywords) such as "computers" or "books" early on. You could be more organically discoverable by the marketplace users.


Building a shop on Safex is a simple process. Find out more by reading our blog:

Read more about the functioning and technology of the Safex marketplace

Early subscribers will also get a free account + Safex Cash airdrops.

The Marketplace launched on December 23rd 2020.

Take your ecommerce business to the blockchain.

A Special offer for pre-launch subscribers: We will advertise your products and services for free among thousands of Safex community members. This is a great way to test market potential and build interest in your products. Use this opportunity to Subscribe for when your offering is desirable to Safex buyers without the counter obligation to open an account when marketplace is on mainnet.